Blonde Valhalla

by Aiken and the Eggman

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Recorded with Chris Moore at Headgear Studios and Lord Baltimore


released November 11, 2011

Brian Aiken - vocals, keys, drums
Chris Moore - engineering, production
Birdie Lawson - vocals
Andy Owens - guitar
Jay Sirriani - guitar
Gary Velush - bass
Peter Vecellio - clarinet



all rights reserved


Aiken and the Eggman New York, New York

Picture perfect future
Picture perfect past
Picture perfect coward
Hope is worth the last

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Track Name: Feel Your Best
Feel your best on the crest of a dying trance
holding close what is always unfolding
when the violence of hope sends its last command
Can we break into flight with a purpose?

Even in this hall of mirrors long and winding roads
break the world in versions clearer
nearer where I'm going

Keeping straight all the lace that is hard to string
sit and wait for the voice that is nurturing

There's something that wants to be known
trapped in the rivers of old
born in the wake of a vibrant waterfall
always rising to withdraw
Track Name: Inspiration
It comes to me in fits and starts
it wanders free through open hearts

And it goes like this with angels calling
into one man storms
and the world is bliss with pillars falling
outside everything I find withIN-spiration!

Someone give me what I want
bursting out through open lungs

violet beauties undiscovered
vibrate through ephemeral lovers

climb into your love
Track Name: Dances of Youth
Keep to the outside of your skin
pulling apart all the needles and pins

Filter the twilight through your bones
Savour the highlights nobody notices

Always remember the tenderness of spring
materialized into timeless points of view
all the dances of your youth
leaving pretenders and benders
all the past behind

Hold on to your friends!

Follow the night that overflows
into a swirling murmur of souls

Everyone here is so enthralled
flowering dreams to be more bizarre

Follow the heat of one you love
all the mystique of one you love

I love you forever, whatever that might mean
I wish I could split myself in two
but I can't, no I can't
teach me the answer to these riddles
what do they mean?
Materialized into timeless points of view
all these dances, dances of my youth

Take what, you can!
Track Name: Brian Song
Accompanied by Suckers, drums and music recorded at Gigantic Studios with Chris Zane.
Here on the surface we can all feel complete
watching the cash flow and number glow
like sparkles on your sheets

cold eyes exploding green won't give you a rest
just grab a handful of promises
lift your eyes up to the laughing sky

You shine so bright when you're
staring off in solitude
no one takes a part of you
feel the ground shaking
with past reverberations
the perfect run-away
stirring everything alive
patternless and purified
leave the trains that drag you underground

Move like a dancer when the drinks are for free
wait in the shadows for the phone calls
that tremble through your knees

unfolding parachutes when stakes are too high
there's somebody flailing on the railing
cursed as all emotions hit the sky

watch the world decay
that's what the lunatics are raving
Track Name: Warriors
Tell me when and I'll satisfy my plans
and sew your insides into machines
Oh no! I won't let you dissolve

That's the way you want me to sing
to sing just like a robot sings
Oh no! I won't choke on the ropes

Can you see my aging life?
As it moves through the streams of second sight?

Maybe then you'll remember me
maybe then you'll remember me

I can see that you're working hard
it warms my heart that you try
when the skylark falls to the street
you'll want to know the reason why
why the plains and the forest glades
are blinking like the milky way
maybe then you'll remember me
by the lights on your window pane

I can see your aging life
as it moves through seams of passing time

The dream of the twenty-first century
complete in mechanical wealth
someone help me separate this feeling from myself

We have all we need already